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S. A. Assadollahi

Sceretary General,



R. Maidani

Chairman of the Iranian National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage IRNCID


In 1955 Iran became a member of ICID by the recommendation of the former Irrigation Institute, but practically it was not active due to disapproval of the parliament up to 1967 to establish the Irrigation and Drainage Committee. The constitution of Iranian National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage was approved by the parliament in 1968 and its regulations and organization were signed to the former Ministry of Water and Power.

It is necessary to mention that the most important activities of the committee before the Islamic Revolution Victory, contain establishing working groups and holding 5 seminars at the national level.

  After the Islamic Revolution Victory and the industrial and agricultural fulfillment, huge investment has been allocated to irrigation and drainage networks establishment since now. In this regard, it is necessary to be more concern on this issue.

 The progression and development of irrigation and drainage are very considerable in the world, so there should be a kind of conformity in investigation, design and implementation of the networks with the world’s new findings and standards.

  In this extent, IRNCID started its new activities by the support and effort of the water industry authorities once again in 1993 in order to promote irrigation and drainage, soil and water management, flood control, water and environment conservation for sustainable development.

The Iranian National Committee is constituted of the High Council, Executive Board, Technical Working Groups, Regional Committees and the Secretariat. IRNCID has more than 75 main members and 720 associate members selected from eminent experts, professors and students of water engineering all over the country.

  Two periods vice presidency of the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage, Chairmanship of the Working Group on “Irrigated Agriculture under Drought and Water Scarcity” and Vice Chairmanship of the Working Group on “Young Irrigation Professional Forum” and panel of experts of the 17th and 18th ICID International Congress are the Iranian National Committees honors.

Providing and formulating the regulations and criteria required to select qualified members among individuals, companies, organizations and institutes (including research and training centers).

Making connections and exchanging information with international and national committees on irrigation and drainage of other member countries.

Determining the programmes, policies and annual activities of IRNCID in the first session after every international conference and following up the procedure by the executive council.

Encouraging and supporting the irrigation and drainage researches, flood and sediment control, soil and water management to improve the irrigation and drainage affairs in the country, soil conservation, environmental protection and sustainable development related to soil and water and giving technical advice regarding to investigation and execution of the project.

Arranging seminars, symposiums and irrigation and drainage workshops, discussions and exchanging views.

Arranging technical committees and working groups as required; providing and formulating their instructions according to IRNCID objectives.

Selecting and introducing the IRNCID delegates to take part in IEC meetings, congresses and special international committees according to the regulations and constitution.

Purchasing, collecting and centralizing the information, technical documents, books, magazines and publications related to irrigation and drainage science.

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